Baptisms at our church are joyous and meaningful occasions. They’re a special way to welcome new members into our faith community with open arms. During these heartwarming ceremonies, individuals declare their commitment to their spiritual journey, often with water immersion or sprinkling as a symbol of renewal. Baptisms are celebrated with smiles, cheers, and the loving support of our church family, creating a warm and uplifting atmosphere as we all grow together in faith.


Confirmation in the church is an exciting and transformative milestone in a person’s faith journey. It’s a time when individuals affirm their commitment to their beliefs, often marking the end of their formal religious education. During this special ceremony, they receive the blessings and guidance of the Holy Spirit, equipping them with the strength and wisdom to live out their faith in the world. Confirmations are moments of celebration, with family and the church community coming together to support and encourage the growth of these newly affirmed believers.

First Holy Communion

First Communion is a cherished moment in the life of young believers. It signifies their first reception of the Eucharist, where they partake in the body and blood of Christ. It’s a significant step in their faith journey, symbolizing their growing understanding of the mysteries of the faith. During this celebration, families and the church community gather to witness and support these young individuals, offering prayers and blessings as they take this important step towards a deeper connection with their spiritual beliefs.


Funerals are solemn and meaningful gatherings that provide an opportunity for family and friends to remember and honour a loved one who has passed away. These ceremonies offer a space for mourning, reflection, and closure. While they are often marked by sadness, funerals also serve as a way to celebrate the life and legacy of the deceased and provide support and comfort to those left behind. They remind us of the importance of community, love, and the enduring impact a person can have on the lives of others.


Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love, unity, and commitment. They mark the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s life as they embark on a shared journey together. These joyous events are filled with rituals, traditions, and heartfelt vows, and they bring family and friends together to witness and celebrate the union of two people deeply in love. Weddings are a reminder of the power of love to bind hearts and create lasting bonds, making them a special and cherished occasion in the lives of those involved.