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About Our Church


In 1983, the inaugural baptisms took place within the charming confines of the small Chapel adorned with exquisite antique wrought iron Altar gates.
Positioned at the threshold of the nave is the baptismal font, a basin fashioned from a traditional African grinding-stone. This font, situated at the church’s entrance, serves as a profound symbol of baptism, signifying our initiation into the Christian faith.

The journey to construct St. Margaret of Scotland Church commenced with a modest sum of R7,500.00 in the bank. Through the collective efforts of the community, a series of remarkable events unfolded as the Church gradually took form. Some of the astounding occurrences witnessed during this period include:

– The “koppie-klip” stone from the Germiston Civic Centre was delivered without charge.
– The property upon which our Church now stands was made available for purchase by the Bedfordview Council.
– For five consecutive years, a generous parishioner gifted cement, contributing to the construction of the main Church.
– Cranes and rigging equipment were generously lent to facilitate the erection of steel structures and scaffolding.
– A parishioner named Iona Sleep journeyed to the Isle of Iona, where St. Margaret had once resided, and returned with a special piece of stone, which was integrated into the existing walls.
– Bishop Simeon Nkwane presented us with the Foundation Stone, obtained from the construction of St. Mary’s Cathedral.
– A remarkable incident occurred when Bethuel, a skilled Zulu artisan, joined the construction team working on the Bell Tower. During work, William, a stone mason, accidentally stumbled and fell from the archway at the tower’s summit. In a swift and heroic move, Bethuel reacted instantly, gripping William by his ankle and holding on until the Fire Department could rescue him.

These are just a few of the extraordinary events chronicled in the leaflet ‘A Walk around St. Margaret’s.’ The miracles associated with St. Margaret’s serve as a wellspring of inspiration for all who contributed to the Church’s construction and continue to inspire those who worship within its sacred walls.

Who was St Margaret?


Margaret, a member of the Anglo-Saxon royal family, sought refuge in Scotland after the Norman Conquest. She married King Malcolm, and together, they had eight children. Margaret was known for her religious devotion and charitable work, which included reforming the Church in Scotland, caring for the sick and poor, and supporting the establishment of monasteries and churches.


Tragically, she and her husband died in battle during hostilities between Scotland and England. Despite her short life, Margaret’s charitable deeds and commitment to education and religion led to her being declared a Saint in 1250. She also played a role in restoring Iona Monastery and building Holy Trinity Abbey at Dunfermline, earning her the title of Patron Saint of Scotland in 1673.

Vision & Mission

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Ven. Norman Allkins

Norman Allkins is happily married to Adele, and they're proud parents to two grown-up children. Their son Michael is happily married to Charné, and they also have a lovely daughter named Jolene. Norman's heart has been in the ministry for over two decades, where he's been making a positive impact in people's lives.


Revd Barbara Schormann
Assistant Priest

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