Care Group

St Margaret’s Care Group Is here to offer a care-line to all those within our parish,

who may be wanting support in the way of prayers, emotional support, counselling, meals, or a visit if you are ill or house-bound.

All our communication is in confidence, and we are hoping to reach out to anyone who may want nothing more than a cup of tea and a chat, to someone who may need a lift to the doctor, or a meal whilst recuperating from a setback.

Please notify the office, or call Cynthia Webber on 072-284-5236.

We can’t help unless we know who you are and what your needs are, so please use this forum to help us reach out to you


If you would like to donate to the church, a fund or a charity we support, please contact us by emailing for more details

We will soon be introducing SnapScan as a safe and secure method to Tithe, Pay for events or Donate to ST Margaret of Scotland Anglican Church.